Backfire 10.03.1-rc6 released

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Backfire 10.03.1-rc6 released

Δημοσίευσηαπό Acinonyx » Παρ, 04 Νοέμ 2011, 09:44

1 November 2011

The OpenWrt Release Team would like to announce a sixth release candidate (RC6) for Backfire Interim Release 1 (10.03.1). Testing of this release candidate will allow further refinement of 10.03.1

Binaries can be downloaded at

Highlights since Backfire 10.03.1 RC5:

* Further throughput and interoperability improvements in ath9k and mac80211
* Added support for the TL-WR740N
* Merged WZR-HP-G300NH and -G301NH images
* Fixed default network configuration for ASUS WL-330gE
* Fixed WRT160NL support for revisions with certain flash chips using a bigger block size
* DMA fixes in ag71xx ethernet driver
* Fix multicast traffic handling on RDC platform
* Fix ARM SDK building
* Improve ImageBuilder index generation, strip uneeded opkg work data
* Fix 6in4 endpoint update with changed api
* Fix mtu_fix rule generation, use mangle instead of filter table
* Switch from rdate to ntpd for more reliable time synchronization
* Various network configuration and base-files fixes
* Various fixes in uhttpd web server
* Support pptp configuration with symbolic server names
* Support disabling single wireless networks
* Rework MAC address generation for wireless VAPs
* Support binding dropbear to a specific network
* Introduce AC and Service name options for PPPoE, work around argument order issues
* Fix block-extroot on brcm-2.4
* Allow configuration of lifetime parameters for 6to4
* Allow negations, multiple values and other advanced configurations in firewall package
* Tune ICMPv6 default rules
* Add UCI configuration and LuCI module for wondershaper
* Deprecate iptables-utils
* Fix openl2tp build for distributions without current rpcgen
* Fix freeswitch for Backfire

Dropped platforms:

* Cobalt - not in release shape
* Octeon - not in release shape

Known Issues:

* Most open tickets at the time of the RC6 builds
* Various 5GHz channels may be locked due to lacking DFS support and other regulatory requirements

More detailed information available at:

Detailed core changelog at: ... 7609-28694
Detailed packages changelog at: ... 7609-28694

Yours truly,
The OpenWrt developer team

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